We have the complete range of Equipments for carrying out studies of Metallic Microstructures. These Equipments include those required for microstructure sample preparation like Specimen Cut - Off Machine, Mounting Press, Disc Polishers and instruments for microstructural evaluation like Metallurgical Microscope with Microphotography from Carl Zeiss Jenavert and Microhardness tester from Shimadzu.

Typical tests that are carried out include Grain Size measurement, Inclusion Rating, Nodularity and count, Photos of microstructure with comments, Case Depth, Decarburization studies and Microhardness. We also carry out Macroetch tests.

For Microstructure Analysis we use automated software from the leaders in Imaging Software, Smart Imaging Technologies, USA whose software is used by leading organisation like NASA, HP, Rice University etc. Please visit for more information.